April 15, 2009

Hurray! Eli Wong!


Because of this article I came back to my blog again. Thanks, Eli.

February 6, 2009

Good Time Bad Time, Bad Time Good Time!

Just fortune enough to read this message from Adam Khoo, what a wonderful and timely quotes:

As many of us are feeling the repercussions of one of the worstrecessions in recent history, I would like to share with you myphilosophy on the EQUATION OF LIFE. If you studied Math, Chemistry,Economics, Accounts or any one of these mathematical topics before,you would understand that equations have to balance. For every good, there must be a bad. For every positive, there mustfirst be a negative. For light to exist, there must first bedarkness. For every market boom, there must first be a crash. Foryou to experience happiness, you must first experience sadness. Foryou to experience pride and inspiration, you must first haveexperienced disappointment and adversity. The greater the initialfailure and disappointment, the sweeter will be the pride of success. I remember watching the show 'The Pursuit of Happyness' where itwas based on the true story of Chris Gardner who went through avery difficult period of his life. His wife left him, he was broke,evicted from his home, slept in public toilets and in homelessshelter, jailed for unpaid parking tickets and went through aseries of unfortunate incidents. However, he persevered where ordinary men would have given up.Finally, when he got selected to become a stockbroker in one of themost prestigious companies on Wall Street after competing against20 other candidates, he broke down and shed tears of intense prideand happiness. ===============================================Discover the secret that transformed a hopeless underachiever into a millionaire at just age 26. And how YOU can use this same secret to achieve success in your life: => http://www.SuccessWithNLP.com=============================================== The fighting spirit that the tough situations built within him waswhat gave him the drive to build a multi-million dollar stockbroking firm himself. If he did not first go through thoseheartbreaking setbacks, he would not have become a millionaire. For there to be God, there must be the devil (I know some religiouspeople will want to kill me for saying this). Think about it, ifnot for pain, suffering and evil, will people turn to God forsalvation? It is during hard times like these that people pray andgo to places of worship more. If you watched the matrix, the 'architect' mentions that theequation has to balance for the matrix to exist. In order for Neo(the Hero) to exist, there must be his opposite (i.e. Agent Smithwho was the super bad guy). This applies to every aspect of life. If George Bush did not screwup the US economy and damage the US's reputation so badly, BarackObama would not have become the first African American Presidenttoday. If Al Gore would have won, he would probably have done an OKjob and the US would have voted in another white guy. At the sametime, if Al Gore had become the US President 8 years ago, he wouldnot have made such a positive impact on global warming issues, wonan academy award for his documentary and won the Nobel Peace Prize.Again, 'failure' led to the the birth of success. If I did not get kicked out of Primary school (Primary 3) and getrejected from 6 secondary schools after my PSLE exams, I wouldnever have been sent by my parents to learn about NLP. If I did not learn about NLP at the age of 13, I would not havebeen able to inspire thousands of students through my first book 'IAm Gifted, So Are You!' and achieve all the success that I havetoday. I would just have been another average Singaporean stuck inan average job. So, how does this apply to your life? Well, instead of fearing andfeeling lousy because of the bad stuff that happens in your life,get optimistic and know that there lies a great opportunity thatalways goes along with it. To your success,Adam

Economy Melt Down

Economy is bad..the bird house industry is slowing down as well as more people got burnt in the slow down and stock market.

The good thing is the building material price has gone down by easily 30%. Hence, if you are starting a new farm, it is much cheaper than before, hence, do negotiate for a reduction as your contrator would be more willingly to sacrifice the lose of revenue and increase of cost to keep their workers. They are more desperate to win contract than before. Use your negotiation skills to the fullest.

Remember the Waren Buffet stock market strategy? When everyone is scared, you must be greedy! and visa versa. Good Luck!

Open Roof or side window?

This is a famous question for all new farms. What is the advantage of one other the others? How to decide what is the best opening? What direction it should face?

Definitely, this is not a simple question to answer. You should ask the owner- Bird! If we are bird, we would be able to answer this question precisely. Anyway, we are just learn from others and experience. It is just like how do you want your house door to face? And how big is your door? Things should be logical and make sense. There are many factors influencing this answers, they are namely:

Sun rise and Sun set directrion;
Wind direction;
Bird returning path;
How is the design for the successful farms nearby?
Bird entrance flying path....etc.

Think like a bird...and imagine that you are a bird. Hehehe....

Smoking in a farm

Many would leave it to the contractor and his workers to construct their farm. But many would neglected the fact that the workers would smoke inside their farm during their break time, this would affect the nesting plank quality. The odor would need to take a long time to disappear. Set a ground rule at the beginning is crucial to ensure the success of your farm. Tell them and your contractor to remind them not to smoke is utmost important. Pay a visit to your farm regularly during the construction or renovation.
Many would put ammonia and bird shit to treat the farm before the grand opening. Ensure an optimum micro-environment is another primary reason for farm success.

January 29, 2009

Still in the holiday mood!

After taking a long break, no mood to write now. But will definitely continue when I am ready. Very busy with my current business as well. My new farm will resume construction next week. Stay tuned.

January 19, 2009

My Herbalife Blog

Feel free to visit my new blog..If you would like to know about this great company, give me a call!